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President and owner, Phil Holman, explains Fourstar’s sustainability culture

Phil Holman's "Reason to Believe" in making Fourstar a sustainable brand

Fourstar for Sustainability

AdobeStock_51347096.jpgFounded in 1986 as a cable assembly shop, Fourstar has since grown in volume and added more capabilities to our product mix. Today, we are more than just a cable shop. It is our vision—and our commitment—to help you find a better way by providing services and solutions to tackle a wide range of manufacturing needs, all the while being acutely aware of our environmental footprint.

At Fourstar, we don’t differentiate between sustainability and social responsibility. Instead, we have adopted a "people-driven" business model focusing on how we impact the planet, starting with our own internal resources and workforce. Apart from undertaking environmentally-friendly initiatives such as the installation of a 110KW solar array, the implementation of multiple reusable packaging programs, and offering a sustainable 401(k) program Fourstar is also deeply committed to improving the overall health of our employees.

The secret to our success is having a healthy workforce. From having a weight management program that helps employees deal more effectively with stress and educating them about food and environmental toxins to avoid we are working together to create wellness on all levels for our employees. We believe in taking a holistic approach to integrating sustainability into the DNA of our company, not because it creates additional profitability and efficiency for Fourstar and our customers, but because more than anything else, it’s the right thing to do.


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