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24 Factors to Consider when Choosing a New Interconnect Supplier or EMS Provider

Posted by Steve Marian on May 24, 2017 3:50:03 PM

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Navigating Supplier Transition for Electronics Manufacturing Services

Are you considering transitioning to a new cable assembly, interconnect supplier, or electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider? If you are, there are many considerations worthy of exploring and vetting before you pull the trigger, as a hasty decision will likely prove disappointing, problematic, and costly. Supplier Transition Interconnect Supplier.jpg

Although it may be tempting to fast-track a new supplier transition decision based on internal noise level, and your company’s emphasis on perhaps one, or a few, important factors, such as quality and delivery issues or in-house resource deficits, given the importance and long-term ramifications of such a decision, it is wise to thoroughly consider the big picture.     

Many companies are realizing increased value in streamlining their supply chains, finding that a strategic solutions-based B2B relationship, one that is based on a comprehensive, flexible, and collaborative partnership model, is the most effective and beneficial.

24 Important Considerations

  1. Dedicated and highly responsive customer service
  2. Commitment and sense of urgency
  3. Trust
  4. Extensive solutions-focused capabilities, ingenuity, and know-how
  5. Expert engineering and design support
  6. Demonstrated expertise in cable assembly, wire harness, electro-mechanical assembly manufacture, and complex full-turnkey box build
  7. Design-for-manufacturability (DFM) expertise
  8. Documentation/CAD/SolidWorks support
  9. Development of comprehensive sub-assembly hierarchy, supporting manufacturing documentation and product test/validation processes
  10. New product introduction (NPI) support
  11. Time-to-market (TTM) proficiency
  12. Robust quality management systems (QMS)
  13. Quick-turn local infrastructure/capabilities
  14. Low-cost manufacturing capabilities
  15. Ability to scale with your growth
  16. Viable cost reduction initiatives
  17. Extensive tooling assets
  18. Robust and controlled manufacturing processes for proven, repeatable compliance/success
  19. Robust product test and validation capabilities
  20. Logistics management
  21. Robust, yet flexible, inventory management
  22. Demonstrated commitment to sustainability principles and employee welfare
  23. Industry longevity and exceptional reputation
  24. Comprehensive supplier network

Translating the Checklist

So, which of these 24 attributes are important to you and your company? Which ones are a must-have, will create value, and drive your success? Although some of these attributes are more obvious than others, most companies (regardless of size or industry) find that all 24 are vital to their current and future success.     

To put things into perspective, many companies need a solutions-focused EMS partner that is proficient in all 24 attributes, providing a flexible and fully scalable manufacturing model comprised of a locally-based engineering support team, a well-equipped local production capability, along with highly capable low-cost manufacturing expertise in both Mexico and China. As one of the industry’s premier solutions-focused interconnect/EMS suppliers, Fourstar’s business is characterized by a comprehensive, flexible, and highly effective framework. We would be pleased to discuss how best to achieve your particular needs and objectives.

Common Goals

A partnership will thrive only if there are common and attainable goals between the parties. Whether your company is young or well-established, your chosen EMS partner should have proven industry longevity.

Perhaps you are reading this because you’re struggling with a supplier that does not possess the deep experience necessary to support your company’s objectives and you need a new partner that can execute on your requirements and vision. Transitioning to a solutions-focused supply partner that has the needed expertise and stability that can only be developed through industry longevity is likely the answer.    

Increasingly, companies are concerned about their lasting impact on their employees, the community—locally and globally—and the environment. Maybe you are in search of a new supplier that shares your concern for our planet and has a demonstrated track record for commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Fourstar is celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2017, and is deeply committed to sustainability and social responsibility spanning all facets of our business, including environmentally friendly initiatives such as our 110KW solar array, reusable packaging programs, and many initiatives aimed at improving the overall health of our employees.

We Speak from Experience

Fourstar has a deep understanding of all the ins and outs of supplier transitions, from customer AVLs and documentation to pipeline component inventory, transitioning of supplier-managed inventories, third-party component supply agreements, transfer of tooling and design/manufacture of new tooling, customer furnished materials, pipeline work-in-process, and everything in between. Additionally, Fourstar has strategic relationships with our extensive network of world-class suppliers. 

A Fourstar Solutions-Focused Partnership

Whatever your needs, Fourstar Connections has you covered—we will meet and exceed your expectations. Fourstar’s talented and experienced team of industry professionals will make your supplier transition a total success.

Fourstar has been delivering the highest quality cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electronic assemblies, and full-turnkey complex box builds to our industry-leading customers for 30 years. Let Fourstar manage your supplier transition to a more strategic relationship and help you with “Finding a Better Way.” Contact us now to get the conversation started.

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