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Addressing Stress in the Workplace with the MVP Wellness Program

Posted by Phil Holman on Mar 29, 2017 10:14:02 AM

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Fourstar Kicks Off Stress Management Initiative with the MVP Wellness Program

As part of its “people-driven” business model, Fourstar Connections is committed to maintaining a happy, healthy, productive workforce. “Human capital value” (you know, people) is the driving force behind most business value today. Many forward-thinking companies are taking great strides to develop and support their employees and utilize cutting edge tools that allow them to quantify and measure the outcomes so they can continue to effectively manage their employee development programs.

stress-ball.jpgOn January 13, 2017, we began the implementation of the “MVP Wellness Program.” We hosted a presentation for the entire company, “The Main Toxins to Avoid and Stress Reduction.” This is the first session in a series of educational workshops focused on reducing stress and increasing overall wellness. The basic premise of the program is that companies cannot have a top performing, collaborative, and engaged workforce if people are stressed out or sick.  

We selected the MVP Wellness program because of its holistic approach to health and well-being. To remain healthy and heal illness, people need to address some of the main reasons that contribute to illness: toxins and stress. The program educates on the different imbalances and toxins that impact all four levels of human existence: mental, emotional, physical, and energetic. Physical toxins (chemicals), emotional toxins (stress), mental toxins (negative thinking), and energetic toxins (electromagnetic frequencies) all contribute to the manifestation of diseases and illness. The MVP Wellness program educates people on how to avoid these toxins and re-balance all the levels for total well-being.  

“The very day I attended our first meeting was when my doctor diagnosed my high blood pressure. This class was like a gift from above—helping me better understand my body, learning ways of controlling my blood pressure, along with creating a better lifestyle for myself. Thank you!” Kathleen Barrett, QA Inspector.

On January 27, 2017, we organized a small group meeting to begin phase one of the toxins and stress reduction training.

This first module of the program focuses on identifying the different types of mental toxins that impact these levels. We educated our colleagues on strategies to counter perceptions that are directly linked to eliciting the stress response. Decreasing stress by learning how to stop the stress response when it is happening and consciously shift into a state of “physiological coherence” is another hallmark of the program.

“The stress management training has really opened my eyes to all the toxins my body is exposed to. I have tweaked my diet a bit and find myself reading labels in the supermarket much more frequently than I used to.” Steve Smith, Sales Account Manager.

Destress-room-sustainability.jpgThe next session will focus on the emotional level, will teach a specific technique, and utilize the emWave® HeartMath® technology so people can learn to self-regulate and stop the stress response as it is happening. Fourstar has also created the “De-Stress” room, which the employees sign up to use. The room is available to our employees during break times—and they are using it. This quiet space includes two massage chairs, a beautiful and relaxing water fountain, and a resource area where supportive, educational literature, and a variety of health promoting resources—along with a computer—are available.  

Moving forward, our next session addresses physical toxins. We are proud of our employees and their willingness to explore new and alternative strategies to reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

If you are a manufacturer looking to adopt similar initiatives, or a customer looking for sustainable and socially responsible cable assemblies or complex box build solutions, we would love to hear from you and find out more about your needs.

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