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Choose an EXM and Fourstar VAR Collaboration for NEMA Enclosures

Posted by Phil Holman on Feb 24, 2016 3:28:36 PM

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EXM Provides Fully Customizable NEMA Rated Enclosures through Fourstar fourstart_EXM_NEMA_Enclosure_1.png

Manufacturers seek out value-added reseller (VAR) relationships when they have production requirements that may fall outside their specific expertise, physical manufacturing capabilities, or general scope of work. Fourstar’s substantial internal capability enables us to add content to our collaborations with leading industry specialists, making us a dependable value-added reseller that can provide the ultimate, high-level solution for customers. Fourstar works with the local division of EXM Manufacturing (EXM) to do just that.

EXM offers industry standard and fully customized NEMA rated enclosures. EXM’s website allows OEMs to design custom enclosures by uploading CAD files and answering basic design questions. Fourstar can assist you in the design phase and provide the custom enclosure, wired and tested, as a full turnkey box build solution.

Breaking Down the Process with EXM

Out of its warehouse facility in Westborough, MA, EXM manufactures to customer specifications in small or large quantities and can support supply chain management. 

Fourstar is EXM’s value-added manufacturer, specializing in cable assemblies and box build. EXM makes many different enclosures, but does not specialize in populating the mechanical and wiring content inside the enclosures. EXM’s affiliation with Fourstar allows it to offer customers a partner that can provide them with full turnkey manufacturing solutions.

  1. Selecting a box: Customers can begin with a concept of what they want, and Fourstar engineering personnel will take them through the entire process, starting with the BOXCAD configurator.
  2. Defining the content: Once a box is selected, Fourstar will work closely with you to define the content inside the box to achieve the performance requirements for the specific application.
  3. Building the first article: Next, we will build a first article to prove out the design, and help get the documentation updated and completed. As part of this process, we will work closely with your engineers to develop fully functional test capabilities. Along with long-term product reliability, this also ensures that the “total cost” of procuring your content is addressed and defined.
  4. Supporting your production requirements: When the design is complete, we will support your production requirements using advanced supply chain management techniques that are customized to your specific requirements. Built right, at the best price, and delivered on time.

In the case of an existing product being produced internally at the customer site or outsourced locally or internationally, Fourstar can assist in transitioning the existing NEMA assembly over to the EXM design to allow significant cost reduction due to the availability of state-of-the-art, fully automated production capabilities.

5 Good Reasons to Choose an EXM and Fourstar VAR Collaboration fourstart_EXM_NEMA_Enclosure_2.png

  1. One-stop shopping: There are overarching benefits of being able to do, effectively, one-stop shopping. Not only does this collaboration with EXM provide a full turnkey box, but Fourstar can supply interconnect outside the box, to wherever the I/O plugs on to. 
  2. Readily available and cost-effective products: Fourstar works objectively with the customer to discuss the selection process for materials and connector product families, so that they choose readily available and cost-effective products in placed with their design.
  3. Coordinated, timely product completion: EXM has fast turn on their process of less than five weeks to build the box from scratch, but customers need all the other content in the same timeline. Fourstar works simultaneously to source the other content, so that when the box is ready, the unit is completed in a timely fashion.
  4. Consistent supply chain: After the order is placed with Fourstar for production quantities, our procurement people will work with EXM to ensure that we maintain a supply of custom boxes stocked locally to ensure immediate availability.
  5. Competitive pricing: Fourstar can buy the content from EXM at a very competitive price over their cost.

Through our VAR program partnerships, Fourstar focuses on “finding a better way” for you to grow and expand your potential and reach.

To find out how Fourstar can provide solutions and create new capabilities for your next manufacturing job, contact us for a Prelim Eval to see how we can work together. Let’s get started on your next design; send us your drawing or call our sales department.

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