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Fourstar Conducts Employee Well-Being Assessment

Posted by Phil Holman on Sep 11, 2017 3:40:56 PM

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Fourstar’s Employees Report Overall Improvement in Health and Morale

At Fourstar Connections, we formulate our sustainability goals in a way that allows us to support our employees, customers, community, and the planet through sustainability initiatives and increase our company’s performance at the same time.

wellness-sustainable-manufacturing.jpgMany of the changes we’ve made directly impact our employees’ health and well-being, and that’s a win for everyone. Some of the less tangible impact is felt through an increase in morale and an overall positively oriented company culture. People have worked together to accomplish professional and personal goals and this boosts an overall sense of community and achievement.  

A lot of these initiatives were a part of the wellness program that we signed on to in January 2016. This program was offered through A.I.M—our workers’ compensation carrier. In order to assess the impact of this program on our workforce, we have been conducting periodic wellness surveys. The first wellness assessment was conducted in January and the results helped us identify the areas that were most affecting our employees’ health. Some of the factors that came to light were weight, lack of physical activity, and stress.

Based on the results of that survey, we rolled out multiple initiatives for improving the overall health of our employees. These included weight reduction programs, stress relief, and Main Toxins to Avoid programs, and the availability of yoga and personal trainers at work. We also made changes to the type of food offered in our vending machines, and availability of fruits and vegetables provided for our employees to snack on during working hours. To support our community, and enjoy fresh produce, we buy from the local farmers’ market when we can.

Some other wellness initiatives we’ve implemented include:

  • 14-week on-site Weight Watchers program
  • On-site circuit training class one day a week
  • Healthy options in vending machines and at luncheons
  • De-stress room with massage chairs, water fountain, and informational literature
  • Bi-weekly stress management classes and training on the EmWave HeartMath® technology

We’re excited to learn that these actions have been creating overall improvement trends with our employees. The survey conducted in February 2017 provided us with some great insights on the performance of these initiatives. The following survey results are based on the responses of 51 participants:


  • The obesity levels dropped from 31 percent to 22 percent and we consider this to be a very powerful metric because of the health risks associated with obesity. The overweight index went up, but that is because the reduction from obese to overweight is categorically lower. Encouraged by this result, we have also added circuit training, a walking challenge, and yoga sessions to our on-site activities.
  • Lack of physical activity went from 65 percent to 27 percent, which is a great improvement.
  • The well-being program has a participation rate of 84 percent; that exceeds the target participation rate of 50 percent or more in any one year for a comprehensive wellness program.
  • Relaxation medication usage went down from 22 percent to 10 percent.

Motivated by such positive results, Fourstar continues to support its workforce through different initiatives. Having adopted sustainability and all that it entails as a core value for our company, we are happy to be paving the way for other companies to adopt sustainability and partner with us to create positive impact in the world.

Contact us to learn more about our sustainability initiatives and the MVP Sustainable Supply Chain Grant Program.

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