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New Product Introduction Checklist

Posted by Peter McGuire on Mar 25, 2015 1:10:47 PM

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20 NPI Steps for Success

You’re sure you have the next great thing to hit the market. Well, once it reaches the market. Of course, even before that, you have to introduce it to the market. There are many crucial steps required to get your product from inception to delivery.


While successful new product introduction (NPI) takes more than checking some items off of a list to be done right, the reality is that you have to follow a plan to do it well. So we’ve put together some basics to help you implement your new product introduction successfully.

There are 6 basic steps to NPI success. They also include other integral elements to consider as you plan your plan and complete your mission. Here’s a comprehensive new product introduction checklist to get you started.

New Product Introduction Checklist—20 Steps for Success

  • 1. Proof of concept & feasibility
  • 2. Consider why products fail
  • 3. Concept launch & scope
  • 4. Identify your team & responsibilities
  • 5. Revisit proof of concept & feasibility among internal and vendor/partner experts
  • 6. Create best practices templates & milestone timelines
  • 7. Business & marketing analysis
  • 8. Assess your ability to design prototype in-house
  • 9. Design, development & manufacturing
  • 10. Manage supply chain: consider vendor/resource consolidation for outsourcing materials, sub-assembly, low-cost production 
  • 11. Assign dedicated liaison as OEM interface if outsourcing
  • 12. Meet design for manufacturing requirements
  • 13. Ensure any new or different standards and regulations are met
  • 14. Benchmarks & testing
  • 15. Validate testing: is your product meeting real-world problems with viable solutions?
  • 16. Launch—go live
  • 17. Are you delivering—can you keep delivering?
  • 18. Marketing initiative: work with agency, in-house, or combination of both
  • 19. Identify target audience and marketing channels; define salient messages in keeping with brand promise
  • 20. Have hugely successful NPI!

Broad Brushstroke of a Deeper Discussion

This is a broad brushstroke of the high-level elements involved in a successful NPI initiative, many of which you will have completed prior to partnering with a contract manufacturer like Fourstar. We’ve spelled out all of the NPI details in a deeper discussion in Fourstar’s “6 Step to NPI Success” eBook. Have a look. Download it now.

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