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Optimizing Design-for-Manufacturability and Time-to-Market Strategies with Your EMS Partner

Posted by Steve Marian on Apr 11, 2018 3:30:55 PM

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Fourstar Provides Comprehensive Product Development & Engineering Center of Excellence

Have you ever wished you had a convenient way to work closely with your electronic manufacturing services (EMS) partner to optimize product manufacturability, total-manufactured-cost, and time-to-market?

Optimize Time to Market Electronic Manufacturing ServicesPerhaps you would benefit from a technical collaboration with your EMS partner to flush out any documentation and unforeseen design issues.  

Maybe you are under the gun—looking to quickly outsource a product or products that you currently manufacture in-house. Or maybe you are looking for an EMS partner to launch a new product with an accelerated schedule. But in either case, your associated documentation is not up to snuff and you wish you had an easy, effective, and efficient way to communicate/transfer all undocumented internal knowledge, information, and concepts relating to your project(s) in real-time.

What Next?

You then need your EMS partner to step up and quickly provide expert engineering, design-for-manufacturability (DFM) expertise, process and documentation support, and the supply chain management necessary to transition your project(s) to an efficient, stable, reliable, and competitive manufacturing model.

To accomplish this, your EMS partner needs to be proficient in the following:

  • Define and execute on a new product development launch plan
  • Evaluate required technology, tooling, and test equipment
  • Determine best manufacturing strategy—domestic/off-shore
  • React swiftly to roadblocks and issues that arise
  • Determine and document sub-assembly structure to optimize operator comprehension and manufacturing efficiency
  • Assess, develop, and document required test, inspection, and product serialization methodology to ensure compliance with all requirements
  • Component compatibility assessment/evaluation
  • Ensure compatibility with automated manufacturing and test processes
  • Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements
  • RoHS compliance verification/consultation
  • Sustainable design assessment/consultation
  • Accelerate new product introduction (NPI) launch time-to-market

Sounds Too Good to Be True? Keep Reading …

Fourstar has such a comprehensive Product Development & Engineering Center of Excellence, where you can roll up your sleeves during engineering collaborations, first-time builds, product co-development, process refinement, etc., and we offer the full complement of above-mentioned strategic services to our customers.

Fourstar is headquartered in a 28,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Hudson, MA, and we have highly capable, low-cost manufacturing options in both Mexico and China.

Having celebrated our 30-year anniversary in 2017, Fourstar is a premier ISO 9001:2015 certified, UL/CSA and ITAR registered, fully scalable, solutions-focused EMS provider specializing in:

  • Turnkey electronic box build
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Custom IPC-620 Class 2 and Class 3 cable assembliesand complex wire harnesses
  • Low-pressure/low-temperature over-molding
  • New product introduction
  • Design-for-manufacturability & sustainability
  • Engineering
  • Mold tooling design
  • Innovation
  • Documentation services: full drawing packages, conceptual drawings, BOM creation, product schematics (SolidWorks, 3D Modeling, STEP Files, AutoCAD, 2D drawings)
  • Total-cost optimization
  • Time-to-market proficiency

Fourstar offers seamless FTP information-sharing—providing a dedicated, secure file-transfer server, secure customer-specific FTP folders (ITAR protocol as required), company-wide or user-specific sign-in credentials—making it easy, quick, and secure to share vital information.     

Fourstar is equipped to help you navigate through what can often be very challenging new product introductions and can quickly get you on a clear path to success. Fourstar can assist you with “finding a better way.” If you’re ready to begin the conversation now, contact us to explore how beneficial a supportive EMS partnership can be for your business.

Curious about new product introduction? There are many variables involved in a successful NPI launch that require you to do your homework—the kind of preparation you would already have completed before approaching an EMS provider such as Fourstar. For a complete discussion, download our eBook, “6 Steps to NPI Success.”

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Finding a Better Way

Fourstar partners with leading companies to problem solve, innovate, and find better ways for New Product Introduction (NPI) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) initiatives.

What you get:

  • Our project management and manufacturing expertise
  • Comprehensive range of products and solutions
  • Advanced IT systems
  • Exceptional customer support

From cable assemblies to complex box build solutions, we can quickly ramp up to meet target dates and volume requirements. We are dedicated to helping you improve program efficiency, enhance product performance, speed time to market, and lower total cost of product.

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