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Team Involvement Problem Solving Training for New England Manufacturers

Posted by Tom Barczak on Dec 12, 2018 1:39:08 PM

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MassMEP Offers TIPS for Fourstar 

Being in business for over 30 years, one strength that has been a common thread in our success is our commitment to relationships and healthy partnerships—whether it is with customers, suppliers, or our community. TIPS Problems Solving EMS ProviderOne such partnership, which we view as a business partnership as much as a community-building endeavor, is with MassMEP. MassMEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) operates an ecosystem supporting the growth of manufacturing in Massachusetts and helps manufacturers grow by uncovering the elements of every manufacturer’s business that can create opportunities for efficiencies and growth. 

Operational Excellence

Among the many resources they provide, MassMEP offers workshops that are designed to solve operational issues, such as substandard quality, late delivery, inefficiency, and low profitability with organizational management solutions. We recently participated in two workshops that reside under MassMEP’s “Operational Excellence” programs. The two workshops we participated in addressed lean methodologies, with the other workshop titled, “Team Involvement Problem Solving.” Twenty Fourstar team members participated in this training event, which was funded by a grant. Our collective goal was to add in-depth knowledge, expertise, and business acumen to our entire team, enabling us to position ourselves for continued success as part of the “next-generation” manufacturing community. 

The specifics of this skill-building workshop focused on training participants how to effectively use a structured, team-based approach as an ongoing improvement opportunity that builds on processes Fourstar already has in place. The training focused on the concepts and application of the TIPS methodology: team involvement problem solving. Team-building exercises challenges participants to apply the TIPS methodology and to sharpen their “teaming” skills.     

Setting Goals

The workshop goals were aimed at helping participants: 

  • Understand the utility of solving problems using a team-based approach
  • Learn techniques for generating creative ideas
  • Learn how to use methods and tools for facilitating consensus decision making
  • Learn how to use a structured eight-step, problem-solving model
  • Learn how to use a variety of problem tools
  • Learn interactive skills and meeting facilitation techniques 

Part of the training required participants to solve a real problem in the organization. The criteria for choosing the problem was that the root cause was unknown and the cost/risk to the business was high. We applied the TIPS methodology to address—and resolve—the issue.  

When used successfully, the TIPS method can: 

  • Permanently resolve costly performance problems in the value stream
  • Help create added skills to the workforce, enabling individuals and groups to take on additional problems and situations
  • Promote the continual use of effective problem-solving methodology 

Always Improving

Fourstar’s ability to pivot internally to address the needs of our business and partnerships is an inherent part of our fiber. A constant in our business practice, continuous improvement programs and training—internally and externally—keep us in touch with our mission of helping us all find a better way! 

At Fourstar, we apply our project management, manufacturing expertise, exceptional customer support, and advanced IT systems to provide customers with a comprehensive range of products and solutions—from cable assemblies to complex box build solutions. Having 30 years of experience, and offering a comprehensive portfolio of electronic services and solutions to tackle a wide range of manufacturing needs, Fourstar partners with leading companies to problem solve, innovate, and find better ways for new product introduction (NPI), and create design for manufacturing (DFM) initiatives. Contact us now about your next electronic services project!

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Fourstar partners with leading companies to problem solve, innovate, and find better ways for New Product Introduction (NPI) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) initiatives.

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  • Comprehensive range of products and solutions
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