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Preparing Employees for COVID Outside of Work

Posted by Tom Barczak on Jun 4, 2020 5:23:32 PM

Fourstar’s Extended Family Approach Helps Build Trust and Ease Fears

Now that many states are reopening cautiously for business, those of us that have been fortunate enough to remain open can share some of the things that we learned during the heat of the pandemic.

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Manufacturing Strategies for Employee Safety During COVID-19

Posted by Tom Barczak on Apr 30, 2020 4:04:56 PM

Facing the Challenge with Safe Solutions

The Fourstar team, first and foremost, is grateful to be working and productive during the relative standstill we presently call life. As an essential business, we’re proud that we are, among our other ongoing projects, an integral supply chain partner for COVID-related test equipment. To keep our dedicated workforce safe while we do everything we can to contribute to the greater safety of our community, we have established many health and safety guideline while we work through this pandemic.

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Lean Manufacturing Training for Electronic Services Provider

Posted by Tom Barczak on Dec 14, 2018 11:10:51 AM

Operational Excellence Programs from MassMEP 

We recently participated in a workshop that resides under MassMEP’s (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) “Operational Excellence” programs, which addresses lean methodologies. The goal of these programs is to add in-depth knowledge, expertise, and business acumen to our entire team, enabling us to position ourselves for continued success as part of the “next-generation” manufacturing community. Using a grant to fund the training, 35 of us participated in this “Principles of Lean Manufacturing” workshop. 

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Team Involvement Problem Solving Training for New England Manufacturers

Posted by Tom Barczak on Dec 12, 2018 1:39:08 PM

MassMEP Offers TIPS for Fourstar 

Being in business for over 30 years, one strength that has been a common thread in our success is our commitment to relationships and healthy partnerships—whether it is with customers, suppliers, or our community.

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Building Solid Supplier Relationships in Electronic Manufacturing Services    

Posted by Brian Holman on Mar 16, 2018 4:33:03 PM

How Report Cards, Training, and Supplier Retention Programs Help!

Email programs, project management platforms, virtual conferencing, 3D CAD displays, automated production, inventory and ERP systems—these are some of the tools we use to get through a work day. But at the end of the day, one constant remains: we are people doing business with people. Cliché as it may be, our people—more to the point—our relationships, are our most important assets. 

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Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider Taking on Sustainability

Posted by Fourstar Connections on Oct 11, 2017 3:29:33 PM

Creating Sustainable Interconnect Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry

Sustainable Brands is a learning, collaboration, and commerce community of over 348,000 sustainable business leaders from around the globe. It was launched in 2006, and continues to grow as a beacon and support structure for sutainability professionals and companies that are leading the way with innovative measures. Sustainable Brands helps companies embed environmental and social innovation into the DNA of their business so that sustainability becomes a core driver of business and brand value.

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A 30-Year Milestone Providing Interconnect Solutions

Posted by Phil Holman on Jul 7, 2017 1:24:46 PM

Grateful and Inspired to Continue Helping Customers Reach Their Cable Assembly Goals

Fourstar’s recent 30th anniversary event was every bit the celebration we wanted it to be. We were thrilled to reminisce with old friends and colleagues and recognize our many long-standing, dedicated employees.

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Thirty Years of Interconnect Solutions

Posted by Phil Holman on Jun 7, 2017 2:23:51 PM

Building Loyal Relationships Is the Fundamental Foundation

We couldn’t be happier to be celebrating this upcoming milestone: our 30-year anniversary! Fourstar began in 1986 as a low-volume assembly contract manufacturing shop. Keeping our heads up during two recessions, we learned to be nimble and adapt to economic circumstances. Through the years we have evolved, redefined ourselves successfully, and grown along the way. Fourstar has been delivering the highest quality cable assemblies, wire harnesses, electronic assemblies, and full-turnkey complex box builds to our industry-leading customers for 30 years. Now, we are a fully integrated interconnect content solutions provider, helping companies reach their new product introduction (NPI), time-to-market (TTM), and design for manufacturing (DFM) goals.

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