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The Benefits and Wire Harnessing

Posted by Doug Parham on Sep 8, 2016 4:59:31 PM

How and Why Wire Harnessing Is Done

Wire harnesses—sometimes called cable harnesses—are custom-designed for each particular application. The harness could be designed for a small electrical enclosure, a large piece of construction equipment, or an aircraft. The wire harness can save a lot of time in the manufacturing of products by pre-cutting, terminating with the proper connectors, and bundling them in a neat and compact package.

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Complex and Advanced Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Testing

Posted by Don Glencross on May 6, 2016 4:22:32 PM

Delivering Electronic Enclosures with Varied Complex Cable Content

Most basic cable testing consists of point-to-point verification of the wiring against the requirements, but sometimes—in the world of contract manufacturing, and value added services—the requirements of each wire harness assembly are not as straightforward.

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An Incorrect Custom Cable Assemblies Order Will Cost You

Posted by Brian Holman on Apr 6, 2016 6:35:46 PM

Costs Can Climb when Wrong Parts or Inaccurate Quantities Hijack the Supply Chain

The process of purchasing custom cable assemblies, standard cable assemblies, or wire harnesses, when executed in the right manner, can be a favorable experience. It generally begins with the purchasing department placing an order over the phone or via email. Cable assembly parts are received and are either sent straight into stock to be kitted for a job—or inspected, if needed, and then sent into stock. The standard or custom cable assembly (or wire harnessing) job gets built, no issues are found with the material, and life is good for all parties involved.

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