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FREE RoHS-Compliant Cable Assessment!

Testing Your Cable Assembly for RoHS Compliance

Bring us a wire harness assembly or wire harness product that needs to be assessed to ensure that it is RoHS compliant and we’ll test it against the RoHS content thresholds to determine compliance.

Your free, comprehensive RoHS-compliant cable assessment:

  1. We begin with the bill of materials (BOM).
  2. We match your BOM with our system and establish all the active parts and their compliance status.
  3. If it is not an active part in our system, we buy the part number.
  4. If it is compliant, we ask for the certificate—and also test with the x-ray gun.
  5. If it is not compliant and there is another part that is compliant, we procure the equivalent part number.
  6. If there is no RoHS-compliant equivalent, we explore whether an engineering change order (ECO) is required to change over the part number.
  7. We make recommendations regarding the manufacturing process. As an example: if soldering is used, and it is a rosin-based solder, it has lead. We provide options for RoHS-compliant solders.

We look forward to helping you find a better way!