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How to Start Lean Manufacturing Improvements in Your Factory

Lean principles can be adopted at any stage of an operation or a company’s maturity level in terms of long-held practices and processes. It’s never too early … or too late … to get lean.

What do you need to know about to get started? Advanced training like Six Sigma is great—but you already have the sensibilities and abilities to create new possibilities in everyday situations. These tips will help you bring them into your production floor and work environment.  

Get practical tips and examples regarding:

  • Mindset
  • Roadmap for buy-in
  • Actionable examples of changes Fourstar made
  • Advice on hiring consultants

This eBook offers expertise from over 20 years of on-the-ground lean practices—implemented successfully. Find out what abilities and potential already exist in your organization and motivate your team to get lean. Get ahead with this eBook, “How to Start Lean Manufacturing Improvements in Your Factory.”