Fourstar’s First Annual Sustainability Report 

Fourstar_Sustainability Report_2018-coverAs a solutions-focused electronic manufacturing services (EMS) partner to the companies we serve, Fourstar takes our role as a sustainable supply chain partner very seriously as noted on our sustainability page.

This first annual Sustainability Report creates the benchmarks from which our sustainability-focused accountability, documentation, corresponding metrics, and reporting initiate.

There are 8 goals we are actively pursuing over the next few years. 

  1. Comprehensive measurement systems
  2. Decreased dependence on fossil fuels
  3. Decrease/optimize use of natural resources
  4. Intensify efforts to expand customer RoHS compliance
  5. Responsible consumption and production
  6. Health and wellness
  7. 401(k) retirement and sustainable and impact investing
  8. Good neighbor—responsible stewards initiatives

Fourstar does not differentiate between sustainability and social responsibility. Our “people-driven” business model focuses on how we impact the planet—starting with internal resources and our workforce. We strive to positively impact our employees, community, stakeholders and the planet through heightened awareness, strategic partnerships / collaborations, volunteer efforts, contributions, and many other measures.

Download our 2018 Sustainability Report to learn more about Fourstar’s commitment to the planet.